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After reading librarian Meredith Farkas‘ excellent American Libraries November 1, 2011 article Information Literacy 2.0, I posted the following response in the Comments section:

“Journalist, author, professor, and Internet guru Howard Rheingold has long considered the challenge of verifying, evaluating, and managing information. For much of his writing career he has wrestled with many of the issues you’ve raised in your excellent article. For the past few years Rheingold has freely shared much of his work on these issues on Web sites and in articles for a wide range of publications. In addition, he has posted a series of free mini-courses on a variety of issues related to information literacy (see link below). These outstanding mini courses include brief video lectures, concept maps, articles, and links to additional resources.

Over the past year Rheingold has also launched what he calls a “pop-up university,” Rheingold U, where he offers in-depth courses on information, networking, and cooperation theory for a fee. I was lucky enough to be a member of his first class this past winter/spring and now am part of a very active alumni network, which is now an important part of my own personal learning network.

All of us who have followed Howard Rheingold’s work in this area are eagerly awaiting the March 2012 publication of his book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online  (MIT Press), which is available for pre-order (see link below).”

Howard Rheingold’s Free Online Mini-Courses on Infotention, Network Literacy, Why the History of the Public Sphere Matters in the Internet Age, and Introduction to Cooperation Theory

The Infotention Network: Life Skills for Digital Citizenship

“Net Smart: How to Thrive Online” by Howard Rheingold (Publication date: March 9, 2012)

Information Literacy 2.0 – by Meredith Farkas – American Libraries – 11/1/2012


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Feeling overwhelmed by information overload?  Done in and deluged by data, both big and small? Do yourself a favor and web on over for a visit to Howard Rheingold’s brand new online learning community, Rheingold U,  where you’ll find three free mini-courses, including one on infotention.  While you’re there, check out the Introduction to Mind Amplification course, which is the first in a series of nine courses now under development.

As one of the lucky 30 students who are currently taking part in a beta version of Howard’s Introduction to Mind Amplification, I strongly recommend this course, which combines synchronous and asynchronous discussions, webcasts, an outstanding reading list, and the opportunity to enjoy a five-week dialog with both Howard and 29 other “esteemed co-learners.”

Introduction to Mind Amplification is a must-take course for librarians, journalists, teachers, scientists, students, digital humanists, and web workers of all types.

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The National Archives and Records Administration Web site provides access to the archived version of the Bush WhiteHouse.gov at http://www.georgewbushlibrary.gov/white-house/

Five archived versions of the Clinton WhiteHouse.gov site can be viewed at http://www.clintonlibrary.gov/archivesearch.html

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